Rockingham Gate - Unique Parkland & Woodland At Priors Hall Park

Nature lovers will be drawn to Rockingham Gate to the north of Priors Hall Park. This area was inspired by the parkland tradition of Rockingham Forest and overlaid with 21st century interpretation.

Here we’ve created a unique woodland setting, incorporating existing ancient trees into the new landscaping. The houses are strictly design controlled to ensure they blend harmoniously with the overall tranquil ambiance.


Everyone involved with Priors Hall Park cares passionately about the local wildlife. This produces a delicate balancing act as we're constantly trying to find ways of protecting the environment, while creating a great place for you to live.

Needless to say, with a 1,200-acre site to look after, we’re regularly making exciting and interesting discoveries — such as the Cinnabar Moth, the Bee Orchid and Wild Honeysuckle. If you keep a watchful eye out, you may even be able to spot Red Kites as they soar high above The Park.


Thanks to the extensive use of local stone and materials, acquired from our own quarry on site, Rockingham Gate is the perfect complement for the rural forest location in which if's situated.

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